Thanks for this, Graham.

I found an interesting idea recently Atomic Habits, namely that instead of thinking in goals, we should define systems that produce particular results, here, directly from my post (https://eightyfour.substack.com/p/james-clear-atomic-habits-takeaways?s=w):

1) Building a system is much better than setting goals

"Goals are about the results you want to achieve. Systems are about the processes that lead to those results." Goals are fine, but how many people stop running after their (half)marathon? I know at least three. So you should "fix the inputs and the outputs will fix themselves." This will make you play the game (=process/system) and "your commitment to the process will determine your progress."


It is an interesting addition to the "goal" thinking, and it closely relates to creating an identity (also saying "I am a writer" instead (or on top of?) of saying you will write 1h per week. I wonder what do you think?

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What a super insightful post Graham! And I love the title. Well done!!

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