I live by the editing knife! Just yesterday I was knocking out a scene and I said to myself, just get it out, you can come back and cut it later if it’s no good.

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Yes, I'm definitely an editor as well. Probably due to my day-job writing -- I'm just used to it. But so many writers seem to get caught up in this. And, I must admit, I *do* find it more difficult to edit my fiction for some reason. Not enough to be debilitating, but enough to still feel that dread for at least a moment or too before I hit the Delete key...

Which reminds me - drafts are my friend, too. I'm much more diligent about saving every new version as a new draft in my day job. But novel writing -- definitely a bit looser. I tend to be more on top of it before I start doing major edits (i.e., cuts and slashes... lol)



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