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So many writers struggle with the actual act of writing. Some put it down to Writer’s Block (a term I think is fuzzy, to say the least). Others, procrastination. But in my years of writing, I’ve found that there is actually a combination of pitfalls that seemingly conspire to stop us from getting started.

I’ve also have found the secrets to leaping over those pitfalls.

To Write with Wild Abandon is designed to help you overcome Writer’s Block, fear, imposter syndrome, and all those other bugaboos that haunt us. It comes down to one central tenet: Writing Should Be Fun.

When writing is fun, you’ll be more productive (because we tend to do things more that we enjoy), you’ll be more creative (because you get outside of your head about it all), and ultimately you’ll reach your writer goals faster.

Each post will explore a little bit about an issue we face, what it is, why it happens, and why we should stop feeling so bad about it. I’ll also give you a Takeaway and strategies on how to combat your bugaboos so you can get motivated in your own writing again. Many posts will also have a “Fun Exercise” as well – quick little writing prompts to help you start addressing the issue in your own writing immediately.

So grab a pen and a cup of your favourite beverage, and I’ll show you how To Write with Wild Abandon!

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